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May/June RIView


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Was just wondering who else has not yet received their May/June Riview ?   Went to local P.O. today and was nonchalantly told they deliver the mail when they receive it. Had no reasons other than to blame things on the Covid Virus, claiming some stations are closed because of people calling in sick.  I have already spoken to Ray, and was told the issue was shipped from the printer April 23rd. This isn't the first time I have had problems with my local P.O. delivering the RIView  and BCA Bugle on time each month comes out.

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The mail is really being affected right now. I mailed a set of bumper guards to a BCA member in Wisconsin. I'm in Texas. I sent them by regular parcel post. Mailed them on March 29th. He finally received them on April 28th--one month later. I mailed some parts in  mid-March to a friend in Italy. They are still waiting to receive the parcel.

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