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1921 Chevrolet ‘490’


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I like to see the early Chevrolet cars like yours.  They seem to be forgotten in a sea of Model T cars.  A local collector has one of the 1918? V8 Chevrolet cars that he brings to some local shows.  Must be quite a switch to drive this compared to your luxury cars.

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Nice to see another 490 out and about.I've featured mine on here before but here it is again. It was converted into a pickup back in the day, after going through a fire. 

There aren't too many people around any more that really understand the eccentricities of these things, especially the cone clutch. Just read the shop and owner's manuals.Experience is the best teacher.


1921 Chevrolet Roadster Pickup 002.JPG

1921 Chevrolet Roadster Pickup 004.JPG

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54 minutes ago, MarkV said:

Are there any good references besides VCCA, etc for them? 

Question about your post - are you looking for information about the car?  I'm sure the AACA Library and Research Center can be a tremendous help if you need any reference material.  I know it's not an uncommon car at all here on the forum, so there should be plenty of help among the membership if you need any technical assistance or advice.

Nice car.  There are a couple of them close to us here in SE Virginia. 


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Well there doesn’t seem to be much information even though this model revolutionized Chevrolet and 1921 was the year of General Motors.


my particular car has been in my family since 1972 and it was the first car I ever worked on with my grandpa at age 4 or so. I do have photos of it back in 1921 which I will post. (Yes my exact car!) it used to be on display at the dealer my grandfather worked at for 50 years. They sold New in 1921 and it was the first car they sold. So I have some of that documentation. 

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