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430 engine how good?


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Big Buicks often will have an oiling problem, Check the inside of the oil pump housing on the front cover for scoring. When they're in good working order they can provide you with plenty of low end torque and lots of cruising power! Good luck.

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I own a 69 electra 430-4 have from day 1 112000 mils Trouble free comparied to Most other cars i/ve owned she still breaks the rear tires loose on a 5000lbs vechial, i've spent aprox $2500.00 include oil change an fluids an normal maintanence the last 33 yrs , all told . u take care of it, it will take care of u , laugh.gif Best all around performance Engine GOIN , plenty of torque an Cruize power , i just purchased a 69 LeSabre 400 an it also seems to be equal performance an a little better MPG , one tongue.gif thing THERE IS NO substatute FOR CUBIC INCHES, it aint ur gas mizer engine, it requires LOTS OF AIR AN FUEL but oh the power YA YA YA YA YA , grin.gif use a Good grade of oil keep ur eye on the petroil an enjoy ........ laugh.gif when better cars are built BUICK will build them !!!!!!!!!!!!

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