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Marmon or Hupp Distributor Help


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This is a 8 cyl. Atwater Kent distributor. Atwater Kent distributor RA-11050 was used on the 8 cyl. Hupmobile Model E of 1925.

Does it say RA on the tag? Marmon did not use Atwater Kent distributors. They used magnetos up to 1919, Delco distributors from 1920 to 1926 and Delco-Remy distributors from 1927 until the end in 1933.

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Mr. Packard, the following distributors had been used:


1927 Little Marmon - Delco-Remy 658-C

1928 Marmon 68 - Delco-Remy 658-C

1928-29 Marmon 78 - Delco-Remy 658-C and 658-M

1929 Marmon 68 - Delco-Remy 651-A and 651-D

1930 Marmon 79 - Delco-Remy 652-D

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.....the above Marmons are all 8 cyl. models (6 cyl. models were phased out in 1926).

1920-26 Marmons (6 cyl.) used Delco distributors 17000, 17022 and 17047.

The distributor was an integral part of the generator (ignition-generator). 

By the way, Delco-Remy distributor 658-C was also used on 1929-31 Roosevelt and on some European cars such as 1927-29 Horch and 1928-29 Stoewer (two German car makes).

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One mid 20's Marmon I worked on years ago had overhead valves and twin ignition if I remember correctly. One distributor with 14 towers to put in wires. Two coils and two sets of plug wires. It was a 6 cylinder. Dandy Dave!  

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9 minutes ago, nickelroadster said:

To Dandy Dave.


The Marmon with a dual fire would be either a 1926 D-74 or a 1927-8 E-75.  This was not just dual point.  It was two spark plugs per cyl. and two completely separate ignition systems.

Yeah, That's it. It was in a 1926 roadster as I remember. Been a few years. That was one huge pig of a gasoline sucking engine. About like my Cat model 12 Gas powered Road Grader, which is only one of 56 built. Thanks. Dandy Dave!

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