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Logo floor mats?


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Is there a company that sells Reatta logo mats or is there possibly an easy way to adhere a cloth logo to a set of floor mats?  I called the number of a place in California that was referenced in a very old post but the guy said that the fellow who did that work in-house is no longer there.  I would like to get a real nice set of mats for my 88’ but I am having a hard time finding a company that does custom logos beyond their stock set of manufacturer logos. 


There are some cloth emblems on Ebay that might work but I don’t want to ruin a nice set of mats if it is not done right.  Though I seem to remember that my original mats had the logo glued on and they eventually came up.  Just going from memory though and you know how that goes.  If anyone has any tips or leads please let me know.  My car is white/burgundy by the way.





Luke P.

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I have the "R" logo for the 1988-89 mats.......

Had a batch made in all 4 colors.........only have a few tan ones

have reasonable number of the other colors remaining.

They are $7 each including shipping.

Need to know the color you need.


Also I have 2 pair of grey mats for 1990-91...decent used mats.

1 pair of tan mats for 90-91 used

1 NOS pair of Blue for 90-91


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Hi Barney, do they have a border color different than the lettering or is it just a plain “R”?   I have seen some mats that are/were original and the logo doesn’t stand out too much.  There are some emblem patches on eBay but they claim a 4-inch diameter which seems somewhat large for this application.





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Just check my stock.........I have only 4 grey,   12 tan,  20 blue..... NO red ones.

Here is a photo of a tan one........

The background on all colors is black.

The "R" and circles are done in the color of the interior.

No they do not stand out and are glued to the carpet which is why so many are missing.

Some if not all mats had a "R" logo on both sides.    If you have never owned a '88-'89 with original mats, they were reversible and had

different carpet on each side.... loop pile on one side and plush on the other.

There was a plastic grid that attached to the back side so the floor mats would not slip.... on '88's the grid was attached with vinyl loops and

the 1989 used snaps.  The tan mats pictured are 1988....see the vinyl loops on the sides....plastic grids are shown above the mats.

This is how I install them

Use masking tape to form an "L" shaped guide to locate where they go on the mat

Apply hot melt glue to the backside of the logo

Put the logo in the microwave to melt the glue uniformly on the back of the logo

While the glue is hot and liquid....apply it to the mat using the masking tape guide.

Put something heavy on the logo to hold in firmly on the mat until it dries.



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Well I went the DIY route.  I ordered a couple of patches off of eBay and used contact cement to glue them down.  Looks pretty good.....I just hope they stay on for a long time.  I don’t use the car much so they won’t get too much wear and tear.  BTW, the mats were purchased from Lloyd’s Mats if anyone is curious.


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