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1936-1940 BUICK NOS Brake Light Switches. Correct Screw Terminals.


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I have a number of NOS Wagner Brake Light Switches, correct for 1936-1940 BUICK. These have the correct screw terminals for the wire mounting. If you've looked, you know this screw-mount style is hard to find these days. A lot of guys wind up changing the connectors on their wiring harness to accommodate switch they can buy today. With the NOS brake light switches I'm selling you won't ever have to do that.


I have a number of these NOS Wagner switches available. So, feel free to buy a few spares. Not all are in boxes, but ALL are guaranteed to be NOS. The price is just $10 each, plus the shipping. Thanks for looking. John


1936, 1937, 1938,1939, 1940

060 (640x415).jpg

059 (640x418).jpg

061 (640x469).jpg

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Thanks for your post, 1937McBuick, which I'm sure you meant to be helpful in some way. Anyone who has been in the old car hobby for awhile likely knows what you mentioned about silicone brake fluid. It's been covered on most of the old car boards and in many hobby publications...literally for years. Not every old car owner converts their brake system to silicone fluid. I'm assuming that's the case with the guys who are purchasing these NOS brake light switches I've offered. John

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