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How tall is a 1919 dodge touring.


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Guest leadfoot

Must be another blue moon! In one of those extremely rare and unusual occassions, I have to agree with Dave@Moon. Anonymous posts are not the bane of the DF, they encourage and expand participation. In fact, if you jump to the Dodge Brothers portion of the DF, you will see a very active forum with a lot of anonymous posts. And the reason we have increased activity regarding Dodge Brothers, is Steve G just finished an upgrade of the DB Club website with a direct link to the AACA DF. smile.gif

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You gotta respect Dave for what he contributes. You don't have to agree with his positions, lord knows he and I have often been on opposite sides of an arguement and even locked horns at times, but the man has a lot of insight into things automotive and the world in general. I don't hug the same trees he does or vote as he possibly does, but he thinks, and if we are not too stubborn he can make us think.

Listen to what he says and if it offends you then ignore it, but don't tune him out completely as you may well miss some useful information. You do not have to always agree with someone on order to respect him.

But of course that is just my opinion.

hvs smile.gif

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Wayne ~ My comment wasn't directed at you personally. I just didn't know where else to put it, so it got hooked onto your previous post. There seem to be a number of tricks about posting on here that I haven't mastered yet.

I really feel what I said applies to all of us, as I realized the value of his input a couple of years ago.

hvs smile.gifsmile.gif

Post #1933 --- My birth year grin.gif Old pharts can too learn new tricks.

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