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Me and my new 1940 Buick Special model 41 sedan


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Hi All,


I am new here and a short introduction. I am Robby from the Netherlands. I just purchased a 1940 Buick, after selling my 1943 Dodge weapons carrier army jeep So this is quite new and luxerous for me. I hope to learn a bit more about it. maybe where it was build and when in 1940. i added the frame number and body tag. I think the original color supposed to be green.

The car is still in Belgium at this moment and will be deliverd at my house this week.

Below some pictures.


If you have question please ask. 



frame number.jpg



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No, for now leave it black since the paint looks so nice. I have to do some detailing to get a dutch license for it. Brake lights, wiper, vent window seal are for sure needed to be replaced. Further i need to drive it since it stoud still for quite some time. In a few week i have the appointment for the dmv than its go time. And also i dont understand the heater how it works. There is a switch inderneath the glove box with some rod going to the fire wall. And underneath the dash driver side are also some switches 

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