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1934 Plym PE Dual Sidemount Brace WANTED

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Greetings all.   Looking for the long brace that runs across the frame and ties into the short braces on the bottom of the sidemount wheel wells.  It is probably about 5 feet long, made out of (I believe) C-channel with a plate welded across the bottom.  It mounts with one bolt into the bottom of the frame rails.  Basically straight with a slight 'kick' on either end to line up with the short brackets on the fender wheel wells.  This description is based upon a photo of one I saw on ebay a couple of years ago and, stupid me, not only did I get outbid, I failed to save a picture of it.  Any leads appreciated and, if nothing else, a photo or two from another PE dual side owner so I can fabricate the thing.  Thanks and remember our fallen heroes this Memorial Day.

vista 2015 two.jpg

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Went through the extensive postings on Ian Greenlaw's beautiful 34 Dodge dual side sedan and located these photos of what I am looking for.  In the first photo, it is the long square tube bar at the far left with the hump in it for the exhaust.  The bar mounts under the main frame rails and sticks out a little bit where it ties into the brace mounted to the bottom of the wheel well.



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Hi Scott , is this what you are looking for? it was me who bought it from ebay in 2018.

Happy to help you with more pics, measurements or paper patterns if you think you may need them. 

Let me know 









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Sorry Scott can't part with it, I will need it for my 34 conv.

But here are some other pics that will help you, also a sketch with measurements, looking closely to this part I can say it is not original somebody already made this replica, that is the resaon why it has some small deffects and eg. the ends differ in length.

Good luck






CamScanner 06-03-2020 17.18.28_1.jpg

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Thanks for that, you obviously put a lot of time into those dimensions.  Like you, the more I look at yours it looks like a later fabrication.  I cannot see that 'bulge' reinforcing plate on Ian's and the weld bead looks like a wire welder--certainly much better than most of the original welds I have seen on Plymouth frames in that time frame.  Also glad to hear from another convertible coupe owner--my PE has a rear spare, my PE sedan is the one with the dual sides.  SMB

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