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1979 Delta 88 Lit Wanted


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A friend and I are restoring an already-quite-nice '79 Delta 88 Royale 4dS, and are seriously interested in acquiring whatever relevant literature (sales, technical, service bulletins, etc) that might be available for sale. If you have, or know of another who has, such items, we'd be very appreciative of the time you might care to invest in contacting us either on or off this board.

Thanks, and happy holidays to all.



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Guest imported_joecool72

Hey Paul. I have the original owner's manual available if you still need it. It's a used copy, but still in good shape.

Let me know!


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Thanks for your response; however, I already have the manual that came with the car. If you know of a good source for any of the technical manuals, though, I'd be really interested in anything you could tell me.

Again, thanks, and Merry Christmas!

Kind regards --


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May I assume that "kammbackspirit" refers to a Spirit of America Vega wagon? Cool piece if it does.

E-bay is a good place to look for the service manuals. There are 3 1979 Olds Chassis Service Manuals and 2 1979 Fisher Body manuals on it this morning. Search "1979 Olds*", "79 Olds*" and "Fisher Body". Also found a 79 factory color chip brochure.

There are plenty of literature vendors around who will also have these books. I'd pay about $40 tops for one in extra nice condition.

Other factory issue sales and service lit are: the 901 New Product Information Manual that came out every year before the new cars were introduced; the Service Guild and Technical Bulletin binder (which are getting expensive- low-supply and high-demand item); the Color & Fabric and Product Selling Info binders (some years combined as simply "Sales Handbook") which have paint chips and fabric samples, and tech specs; and the showroom sales catalogs- Prestige, full-line, accessories, trailer packages- a few years there was even a flyer aimed at Realtors.

We traveled thru Cape May on our way to the 2000 OCA National Meet in Parsippany. Came across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, up the Eastern Shore, rode the Lewes-Cape May ferry and all- thoroughly enjoyed the ride. It kept us off the Interstate and we got to see some country.

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