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I was working on my Lin motor and had just place a water pump on the bench to work on. I had to get up to go over to the tool box for a wrench and never notice I had set my foot into a cord for my air compressor. That's when it happened, the water pump game of the bench and hit the floor causing  the damaged to the pulley  as shown in the picture.


I am hoping someone has  a pulley for sale. I will post in the Buy section, I just wanted to show what can happen if you are not paying attention to your surrounding.





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Skip Haney in Florida probably has one as he rebuilds them.  Those pulleys are made of cast iron, and are very brittle to break easily is hit.  Other suppliers like Boos Harrel might also have them.  Maybe even the Ford Barn or other old Ford parts house might have one that is the right size in diameter and shaft size.  You will need a pully-puller to get it off the shaft.  There's probably a small roll pin securing it to the pump shaft.  Good Luck with it!    

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I guess I will be doing a lot of phoning around to se if someone has this pulley without having to buy the whole pump, 





I remember there were two water pumps that I had and never knew were they came from but they looked like Fords, as they had that hidden hole for a bolt.  I should be so lucky as to have found a replacement.

As you can see shaft that the pulley goes onto is a little smaller. I appreciate the offer.





  Thanks for replying to my post.



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