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Grille shells I plan to deliver to Carlisle


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Whether or not Carlisle actually happens next Month, I still have plans to make a run up there to deliver sold parts. I will be coming up I-81 from Staunton, Va thru Winchester, Martinsburg, Hagerstown, Chambersburg and Carlisle.

 Photo #1 '31 Chevy -a little rough =$75 '31 Chevy -real decent with emblem and radiator =$200 '32 Chevy -has a crack and a bend but comes with the headlight bar and lights =$300

 Photo #2 Short Whippet -straight and solid with minor pitting with radiator =$350 Taller Whippet -solid and straight with radiator =$300 1920 Star with Radiator =$200

 Photo #3 '31 Chevy -Decent =$150 '31 Chevy -rough but good emblem =$100

 Photo #4 '36 Terraplane -Nice =$SALE PENDING '31 Dodge -Nice solid shell =$350 '29 Pontiac -Nice solid shell =$275


 I will adding a few more grilles/shells to this list in the coming days.





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1940's White truck =$200

'28 Franklin =$400

'39 Chrysler nose =$275

'20 Hudson/Essex =$200

'38 Dodge =$225

??MG =$175

'36 Chrysler (rough) =$100

'40 Chevy =$300

'41 Buck =$250

Early Studebaker with emblem =$175

The Packards in photo 2 and 7 have been sold. I have not identified a few of the others shown but they are for sale.









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Ahhh yes, I got my photos mixed up! Here is the '40 Chevy =$300


 -20's era Nash with radiator and emblem =$150

 -Buick wall hanger with emblem (rough) =$75

 -'35 Studebaker (with split) =$100

 -'30 Ford Model A -Good =$100



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 Row II 5-6 not too far from gate 3. Due to the COVID-19 situation I only plan to be there on Friday the 19th, mostly to make deliveries.

  I have a total of six '31-'32 Chevy grille shells that I am offing ALL to one buyer for $500. 

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I have loaded the two Whippet, two '31 Chevy, a '30 model a Ford, the '31 Dodge and the '36 Terraplane (sale fell thru) and will be at II (eye-eye) 4-6 this Friday the 19th at Carlisle. If there is interest in any others please let me know.


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