Henry Ford and Ned Jordan go after the same girl...

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          Back in the 1990s my best friend's grandmother passed away and it was his job to go through her belongings. She had been a single girl during the 1920's and from all indications she did what she damn well pleased, the general term we use today would be that she was a Flapper. She was by no means a queer for she latter married a total of three times, her second husband was killed by the Mexican border police trying to smuggle goods into the country, the story I was told was they shot his plane down. My friend gave me a copy of the original story which I have and I have typed it out so it could be read easier. This isn’t the sort of thing that you would print in the church bulletin but I do believe that it captures the life style of some of the folks that lived in the roaring 1920’s. I knew my friend's grandmother and I have to say she was a real kick in the pants to know. You had to always be on guard for you never could know what she would say next. She was 100% unique and I miss her and my friend!!              
                    Mr. Ford in Detroit called up Miss Diana in New York and asked her if he could come over and see her Auburn Moon. She said: “No, this is Willys Knight” Ford said “For Chryslers sake” can’t I fly Overland and Whippet. That insulted Miss Diana. So she hung up and went back to the garage. She Dodged Nash’s Advanced Six and backed her Moon up to Jordan’s straight eight. So Jordan pulled back his Erskine then she wailed, “Jewett faster Jewett faster”. So he pushed his Pathfinder until she welted as tho hit by a Flint, then she backfired and both saw a Star. For a moment they were both on a Flying Cloud then all was Gray. Now Miss Diana is expecting a new baby Lincoln. 
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20 hours ago, oldcarfudd said:

We've been locked down too long!


Or ... not long enough!


In any case, when commenting on such a ribald account as above, the term "too long" should be avoided.  Perhaps something like "inordinate amount of time" or ...




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