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New Bee here with Ford also in barn.

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What the heck is it???


Got an old Ford in the barn the I am trying to get in a safer place to evaluate.

Not sure of the year or info and got to move some wood to get a better look at the motor and such.

Seems to suggest 20K on the mileage.

Sorry for the lame picts, taking a photo wasn't the primary objective yesterday.






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Not too excited but the closest city was 14 miles away and these relatives probably only went there once a month, so 20K would be pretty close in my guess-ti-mation!

And they barely left the ranch!




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Unfortunately it's not going to make you rich selling it if that's the choice you make.  Post some pics when you get a chance so we can get a better idea of condition.  If looking for a value anywhere from say $200 for parts to maybe 1500 or so if it's not rusty,  assuming it doesn't run as it looks to have been sitting for some time. 

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I have NEW and N.O.S. FOMOCO Ignition Switches and Tumblers  , if you need to get the project rolling --- and a whoooooooole lot more for that vehicle, if you are going to restore it !!!!!!!


Always best to simply call me --- Craig --- 516 - 485 - 1935..... New York...

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