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SOLD-Set Of 4 NAPA OE Spectrum Sensa Trac Shock Absorbers 63-65


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I have for sale a used set of 4 NAPA OE Spectrum Sensa Trac shock absorbers for the 1963-1965 Riviera. Rear 5160ST and front 5759ST. These were taken off of my 1963 Riviera just this week. I had absolutely no problems or complaints with these shocks. These were removed as I decided to install Bilsteins. The shocks were installed on my car in 2014. They have 10,000 gentle, mostly highway miles on them. They are still usable and I cannot bring myself to throw them away. Offer plus shipping. PM me if interested. Thanks.






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They are a far cry above what has been available except for maybe the KYB's.  They will stiffen the car up as far as ride & handling. To me NOT a bad thing. Something a little softer were the KYB's & priced competitively also as less costly than the Bilsteins.

The next logical step up is sway bars if you want to go around corners at a good clip

Ask the Turbinator as I installed a rear bar on his last year. Then ask Riviera63, Bill, in a few weeks after his shocks & sway bars are installed.

 Back in late '69 early '70 I worked with a guy at ADDCO & we designed a rear sway bar for my '64 Riv. To my dismay what they replaced it with I found out that it was NO WHERE NEAR what was originally designed.  I went through a lot of hassle removing mine & sending it to be copied. Now we have a rear bar that is as close to a bolt-on than you can get.

Fits '63-'65 & maybe '66 Rivs. as well as Full Size cars from '61 to at least '65 maybe further up in the years.


Tom T.



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2 hours ago, telriv said:



   Don't know IF I asked. Can't find it in any of our conversations.

I NEED your e-mail address so I can send you pics of the rear bar from my '64 Riv.



Tom T.


Sorry forgot you were having problems with PMessaging. billmawbey@hotmail.com

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