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1937 Pontiac 8 Touring Sedan

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Hello, brand new and first post...just wanted to share the starting point for my 37 sedan, I'd like to hopefully do as original as possible but that will depend of availability of parts. I've have this old girl in storage for 16 years and have finally pulled her out to do something with her! I am looking for parts as well...but here's what I'm starting with.


Had a sad experience moving her from storage to my house this last week...had a strap fail and lost the rear trunk lid :( ...went back over my route (which was only a couple of miles) and nothing, someone had picked it up. That had me in a funk for a couple of days, but starting to tinker with it made me feel better. I found a 38 sedan lid from a Buick and it's currently on its way...If my research is correct it will fit, but obviously had different trim holes, but I can work with that. The big gaping hole in here backside bothers me every time I see it.


Looking forward to being here!

20200522_175546 (Large).jpg

20200522_175603 (Large).jpg

20200522_180513 (Large).jpg

20200522_180738 (Large).jpg

20200523_101232 (Large).jpg

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