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How to start a 1927 Erskine

Glenn Shull

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How to set timing on a 1927 Erskine after generator has be rebuilt.  The distributor shaft goes down through the back of the generator.  The timing marks on the flywheel are almost impossible to find due to grease and rust.  Is there a way to set timing with out being able to find the marks through a 1" hole in the bell housing?

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To find TDC, remove #1 plug, insert a straw or screw driver and rotate the crank until you see or feel the piston rise to the top with both valves closed.  (This is also a good time to look for the timing marks). Pull your distributor cap and adjust the rotor to be lined up with the #1 plug wire.  Replace the cap and spark plug and try to start.

Good luck,

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