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1973 Apollo 2 Dr Hatchback NOT MINE

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1973 Apollo 2dr Hatchback   Midnight Blue

350 V8 2 Bl.

No rust AZ. car.

Excellent Cond. Ace, HEI 

189,500 miles

Asking $10,000

 Contact   Mary Ann Rizzo 570-856-4681

                 Berwick PA. (Northeast PA)


 As director of the Mason-Dixon chapter I get many calls about value inquiry etc. This is what the seller could tell me since it is a car that was owned by her recently deceased friend that she now has the responsibility to dispose of. I gave her my opinion of the value and how saleable the car may be in the current environment. I told her that it was not a high interest car and since I could not see it or have photos that It would be a hard sell. She indicated that it had been on Facebook marketplace @$11,500 with out any response. I am therefor just putting it out to another audience.

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Are there any pictures?

Hatchbacks are much less common than other

varieties of the Nova-Omega-Ventura-Apollo models.

One might be hard-pressed to find another one.


Interestingly, she listed "Northeast PA" as a direction.

There is a town North East, PA in far northWESTERN Pennsylvania!

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