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1950-1955 transmission interchange? 3-spd.

Pete Phillips

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Friend of mine is looking for a replacement 3-speed transmission for his 1955 Special. This will be a 5-bolts in the top cover transmission. I have one for a 1950 Special, 5 bolts in the top cover. Does anyone know how far back the 1955 3-speed interchanges with other Buick 3-speed trasnmissions? Parts book seems to indicate that 1950-1953 are the same, but there may be a change after that?

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

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55 minutes ago, pont35cpe said:

There is one removed from a `55 on ebay says it fits 51-56, has broken tail housing flange. item 143566068737s-l1600.jpgs-l1600.jpg


Shame the tail is broken...but...if it can be replaced with a good one. I think $450 is steep for a broken case. 

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