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3M Super Weatherstrip adhesive attack paint?

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Installing new trunk rubber gaskets on 1953 Buick Special 45R.   Have done door gaskets, window fuzzies and front vent window gasket (very challenging) a few years ago.  Never touched trunk gaskets until found a small leak after washing car.   I have a few bare spots in body gasket track from scraping old gaskets off and a few minor surface rust spots.   Somewhere I heard that 3M super weatherstrip adhesive will attack paint  and possibly not adhere to metal track.   I want to touch up the bare metal spots and surface rust but maybe should apply adhesive directly to cleaned up metal track.

Anybody have any advice from experience with this?

Joe, BCA 33493

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I've never experienced 3M attacking paint. I don't why it would not adhere to metal, especially scuffed metal. Twer it me I would touch up to prevent more rust. As an aside be sure to wash gasket in warm soapy water, and dry of course,  to remove any vestiges of mold release compound.....Bob

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