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ID these early Phoenix autos...

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Well, here's a regular buffet of early autos to identify.  The archive data says it's a 1904 photo.  Chances are pretty good the ages of the cars range from 1902 to 1904.  At least the original photo was high enough resolution we could enlarge it and get some decent detail.  Thank You for your help!!!

Source of photo: http://digitallibrary.usc.edu/cdm/ref/collection/p15799coll65/id/20637








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Curved dash Olds, curved dash Olds,

1902 Rambler, radiator appears to include so I would say 1903 Cadillac

1903 Cadillac or Ford, I can't tell as I can't really see if the radiator angles back or not,  another 1902 Rambler

curved dash Olds, Franklin

and another curved dash Olds and an "I don't know"





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56 minutes ago, Ben Popadak said:
1 hour ago, Ben Popadak said:

"Curved dash Olds, curved dash Olds,..."

Thanks SO MUCH, Ben Popadak. Here's how we presented it on our Arizona History Stories Facebook Page:











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