Joe West

1936 Chrysler Airstream C-8 convertible In downtown building

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All the wheel cylinders have been rebuilt and all brake lines replaced.  The brake linings were used enough to barely scuff the surface of the lining, so I cleaned them (asbestos so I wore a mask) and reinstalled them.  I greased the wheel bearings and every grease fitting I could find (and holy smoke was there a lot of them).  Transmission  and differential fluid are changed, and the undercarriage received it’s first power spray which I swear removed 3 pounds of grime and grease... and there seems to be more where that came from.  I drained all the fuel from the fuel tank and gave it a rinse with fresh fuel, and then I drained that.  Engine oil is drained and I will replace it as soon as my NOS filter comes in.  If the filter has any rust internally, then I will install an aftermarket canister filter.  I will drop the oil pan, clean the oil pickup and inspect the bottom end.


Next up is to rebuild the master cylinder and bleed the brakes to see if I have any working brakes.  Then drop the oil pan, rebuild the carb, clean the fuel filter, and flush the cooling system.  With any luck, I should be ready to start this in a week or two.



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The 36 C-8 is one of Chrysler's finest. You have a rare beauty. Take extra good care of it. Parts are relatively hard to find for these cars so don't throw any old parts away that you don't re-use. Also, my main reason for writing this is to tell you to take EXTRA care of the running board rubber. Nobody reproduces that pattern anymore. I have searched for over ten years to no avail. The only options I have found is paying for new molds to be made at great expense. That is the hardest item to replace on your car, so again, take care of those rubbers.


Greg Biskey

"The Old Chrysler Garage," a museum in Isanti, MN


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Good to hear you used your like new old linings that are asbestos.

They will feel right and not be grabby.

I use NOS MoPar or types like Greylock asbestos linings.

Modern linings on the old Lockheed's and later MoPar Center Plane brakes don't work right...can be grabby cold and soft and weak hot no matter what grade of linings used.

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On 5/20/2020 at 7:50 AM, Joe West said:

I definitely will not assume he is giving me the car. His wife told me to stop discussing payment and to not say or do anything with respect to paying. She said “He will let you know when it is time to discuss payment... in a year or two... or perhaps never”. 

Honestly, I would prefer to pay quickly, but both he and his wife indicated I should drop the discussion. I will sit tight and show him what I am doing to the car. 


  A gift is a gift!!  Honor his gift and let him have pleasure in giving.



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