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Can anyone confirm what Trico Wiper Motor (Half Moon shape) model number was used on the 1928/29 convertible model Studebakers? (Cabriolet, Touring and Roadster) Was it the KSB 108 or was it a different Trico part number? And was the Trico Motor plated or painted black on the convertible windshields? Does anyone have a Trico Wiper Catalog covering 1928-29 they can check for me? I'm guessing they used the same wiper motor regardless of whether it was a Dictator, Commander or President? Thanks in advance.

Also ... does anyone have the 7/16" wiper arm nut used on these?




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I don’t have a Trico book. The wipers are very, very difficult to find.

Made of unobtainumum, they usually are bad when found, and 1000 or more if good. Many people buy new Model A units.

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Answered my own question by finding someone on Ebay listing a Trico Catalog and displaying the page that listed the information I wanted to confirm. Now just need to find the 7/16" nut


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The KSB -108 was used on 1930 Dictator closed cars, RSL-59  on 1930 Commanders and Presidents closed cars. My book does not show a listing for open cars 1928-29 only closed cars, my guess Trico  did not make wipers for open cars at that time only a guess.



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