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1928 Chrysler Model 72 Roadster Seats Mystery???

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I received 7 springs with my car and have no clue as to where they go or if they are even correct for this year and body.  I've posted some photos.  First photo is one of 4 springs, they appear to have a left and a right, don't know which this is.  Second photo with the metal tubed base is one of two which appear to be identical.  Third and forth photos are the top and bottom of the same piece and there was only one.  The fifth photo is the pair of springs from the first photo showing the left and right together.  The inside body of the car body offers no information except two squared recessed wood enclosures for the driver and passenger, the rumble seat area is a rectangular wood area with a flat floor.  Any information would be most helpful.






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Thank you dc-8dave, again like with the lack of tires and jack information I posted about the owners manual says nothing about the seats or any adjustments thereof,  bizarre.  I do notice that in this photo the drivers seat is larger than the passengers.  Another mystery..

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For the CD8 roadster in 1931, both front seats were fixed to the floor, unadjustable. The passenger side back was also fixed although it could be tilted up to get access to area behind seat. However, the driver side seat back had a scissors like mechanism that allowed it to be adjusted fore and aft by about 2-3 inches by turning a knob on top of seat back (see knob in photo above). I don't know if this setup was used elsewhere or on other models.  

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Similar setup to Gunsmoke on my 1929 Chrysler 75. Front seat back split with adjustment for the driver only with the t handle on the top. Seat base is one piece and sits in a tray on the floor pan. Seat backs are equal width. Rumble seat back is fixed directly to the lid, seat base one piece sitting directly on the floor pan. I removed the bases to photograph but forgot the upholsterer  had closed the bases with material. Both seats have a wooden base.

Hope that helps, let me know if I can photo anymore.






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