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This is rediculous, but possibly useful...


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Hey guys/gals,

Now, the disclaimer first: I have a '90 with the tan/sandlewood interior and have only tried this on my car, so can not atest to it's use on other years, makes, models, or colors, Okay?

Now, that said...

Just found what may be the perfect (cause it's cheap and works) cleaner for our leather dashes, steering wheels, door panels, surrounds, and pretty much whatever else is covered in leather, suede, or cloth in our cars.

Something your mothers and grandfather's may have told you about: Ammonia and water. Strangely enough, it's cleaned my steering wheel and other leather components <span style="font-weight: bold">10 X Faster and Better</span> than the leather cleaners and other treatments I've been trying for the last few years.

Did I mention the steering wheel? shocked.gif

Try it somewhere discreet first, please, and let us know if it works on your color too. Can you believe it? shocked.gif Ammonia and Water? How much could we have saved if we knew this a few years ago?

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You know, I never really thought to pay attention to the percentage I used, but it <span style="font-weight: bold">DEFINITELY WAS <span style="font-style: italic">NOT</span></span> 50/50. More like a half cup to a gallon, like what you'd use to clean your floors, Charlie.

Didn't harm the leather at all, which was so surprising shocked.gif

Dried pretty quickly and also left absolutely no residue, though the water got pretty dirty pretty quickly. That's because the parts I cleaned were filthy. I was even able to clean the cloth covering the door panel's driver (the lower speaker) without a prob, though I'd suggest using a clean rag and solution when doing so. Dirty rag on cloth will just put more dirt on it.

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Yup....I tried ammonia and water to clean my kitchen floor after trying all kinds of other products. And it works best. Killed the cat and the fish tho....

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Make sure no Ammonia solution of any concentration gets near any chrome plated plastic trim. It will turn it black. This is what causes the black edges on your mirrors at home when you use ammoniated widow cleaners.

Bob Rich

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