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1936 Dodge door handle sticking

Dodge Dee 2

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One of my door handles /latches has started sticking recently so when you open door ,the handle stays down and the latch sticks inside the door .I then play with the handle  a bit and it loosens . I have taken the inside door panel off, which then gives part access to the levers which are connected to the latch but I cant see inside the door as there is metal panel , to see where the problem is . I will try and load some photos and video which  I have posted through You tube  .You may need to copy and paste it into your browser if it doesn't  click though .


Any ideas to fix ?




View of levers.jpg



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It looks like the tongue is worn.  The handle will work perfectly if it is only twisted until the door is unlatched.  Most people are not gentle, the grab the handle and turn it roughly as far as it will turn.  At this point the tongue  has retracted inside the door and will not pop out when the handle is released.  What really needs to be done is replace the tongue or put weld on the external end and grind,it to the original profile.

It is easy to get it to pop out.  Don't play with the handle or rattle it.  With the door open gently turn the handle all the way, place your finger on the end of the tongue and gently lift the tongue slightly (probably only .050 or so) release the handle and the tongue will slide out.

This is NOT repairable without lengthening the tongue so that it stays out and does not fall inside the mechanism.  All of this style latch wears this way no matter what make. 

 The tongue on a back door latch will give you a pattern to weld your front one up.  A used one is probably only marginally better.

You can not teach family or friends how to be gentle with the handle.  Don't ask how I know.

For at least ten years I opened and closed the passenger door for riders, then I got lazy, removed the mechanism and welded it up.

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2 hours ago, Dodge Dee 2 said:

Thanks for your diagnosis  - when you use the "tongue" is this the same as a spindle ? I am not familiar with the word "tongue " in a lock . I am based in UK so our English does differ from US sometimes !

"Tongue"= latch.

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Lack of lubrication is not the problem,  lack of material (WEAR) is the problem.


Keiser31 is probably correct in calling the worn part a "LATCH".  It has no name in any of my Parts Books as it is part of the DOOR LOCK.


Sure had a BRAIN FART in my previous post.  The name of the part was wrong but the solution is correct.


Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.

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