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Beware: I was contacted through this forum by a member named EVAN 1 that I should contact robertsmith71859@gmail.com in Montana, since he supposedly has the parts I wanted. Made contact with him and he confirmed that he had the parts. Paid through PayPal to tammyhadley44@gmail.com and have since then not heard from him anymore.

I placed a fraudulent complaint with PayPal since I expect EVAN 1, Robert and Tammy being the same person.

If anyone has heard from them before, please let me know.

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I think the trick is, ask for photo's which would show the part and it's condition.

Usually that will move them on as they cannot deliver.

I had someone say they had parts but when asked a few questions, i could see they did not know much about car parts.

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I was contacted by people twice,  I had alot of fun with them.  If you have a feeling it's fraudulent and there are signs like broken/poor English,  either in their texts or emails....  play them along for a while.


The more of their time you waste the fewer other people they can scam.


I had a guy send me a pic(stock internet picture) of a perfectly good 37 Buick he was parting out.  Let the fun begin!  I was trying to make a deal to buy the whole car.   Take it as far as you want or until they get tired of you.


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