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Edsel Citation questions, parts etc

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Hello! Im just about to buy a 1958 Edsel Citation, its in pretty good running condition but has its quirks.

There are a few things that im worried about though:

Number 1: The radiator is leaking, not super badly but it still leaks. I have tried to search for a replacement part but i cant seem to find one. I guess i could always get it refurbished somewhere but new is always new. Does someone manufacture new Edsel radiators? Or does one for another Ford  product fit?

Number 2: The headliner is in a horrible condition, and im going to rip it out and order a new one wich i have found pre-sewn pretty cheap. Do i have to pop out the windshield and rear window to replace the headliner?

Number 3: Is there anything specific i should look for before i buy the car?

Otherwise its a solid car, rebuilt engine, rebuilt teletouch, almost no rust.

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