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47 Roadmaster coupe 320" dual carb main jets


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6 hours ago, Oldxr said:

Somebody converted this car to dual carbs.They did a very nice job cosmetically but it seems the car is running lean at cruise.question is what main jets were standard size?

Did they use the dual carb manifold from 1941 1942 Buicks?  We like photo's

70 years on the carb's could be anything now.

Several threads with good content on dual carb straight eight Buicks


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Carbs are Stromberg 2 barrels. Haven’t really check the carbs for #. Thinking of just getting a wide band o2 meter and fixing it . California gas burns lean and a wide band will get accurate results . Problem is I have to weld an o2 bung on the exhaust . Then throw on a 12v battery to run it temporarily .

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