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Since I finally have a runner I have been working on my maintenance program for the car, using the Shop Manual.  I have researched on here and other places to find the consensus modern equivalent for all the fluids. So I thought I should put it in a list so people can give their two cents


With my classics I have learned to have a list of all the proper fluids. 

Car 1954 Straight 8  With Hydromatic Transmission 

Climate is California Hot Summers 100+F but no Humidity 


Oil Bath Air Cleaner:  Valvoline VR1 SAE50

  Engine Oil Modern:  Shell Rotella  15W-40

          Transmission:  Valvoline Dexron III

              Brake Fluid:   ACDELCO Dot 3

                  Radiator:    Carquest AllMakes(Green) AntiFreeze/Distilled Water 50/50


Im not picky on brand these are just what my favorite store has on shelf 


Anyone running different fluids?


Would like to hear what everyone is using, 

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