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40 special running board/fender gap


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Today I took my boards to the sandblaster today. Got them back an hour later and when I got home I decided to do a test fit. Loose on the brackets I noticed a gap front and back of about 1 1/4".Is this normal? Don't have the rubber mat on yet, Seems like quite a gap. You guys with 40s let me know.

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when I was building my running boards, @Gary W sent me some very helpful pictures with the gaps he had on his running boards. in the pictures, his are freshly vulcanized, but is a good reference


it didn't quote right, so I just copy and pasted from my thread where he posted these

"Here are a few photos of the finished running boards on my '37 Special.  There is just about a 3/4" clearance everywhere, and that's with the rubber vulcanized on the board.  I basically loosened up all the mounting nuts and bolts, positioned the board so the gaps were consistent following all the fender contours and tightened it up.  I hope these help!"













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Well that must be the way it was designed. I never really gave it much thought till I tried a test fit. I take it there was'nt any big sponge rubber seal there? Well I'll just make the best of it.Last early car I did was a 37 Plymouth coupe. The bottom of all the fenders are notched so the boards go under for a flush fit, I figured Buick was the same.

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