Model 25 accelerator pedal assembly

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There has been much progress.  It now starts on the dynastart (although the foot switch is broken, another problem - so I'm using jump leads)  but I'm struggling to work out how to fabricate an accelerator pedal linkage.  My copy of the parts list is a bit faint, and its not possible to work out how it was done originally.  It would appear the pedal was rotates about a casting on the underside of the floor, but I can't see how to get from there to the lever on the cross shaft as the adv/retard and hand throttle linkages get in the way.  Can anyone provide me with a couple of close-up photos of the arrangement of the accelerator pedal linkages and how they are configured?  A clost-up of the pedals themselves would also give me an idea where it is located on the floor panel relative to the other pedals.


If I can sort this I've almost got to the point of a test drive down the road outside - though I will get all the neighbors to remove their cars from the projected path of the test first, just in case. 


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Paul, sorry it took me so long to answer. Are you missing the accelerator parts or just want to know how they are assembled?  I have the linkage that goes on the bellhousing but sold the accelerator pedal previously.


Howard Dennis

Page 82.jpg

Page 83.jpg

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