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37 Buick Opera Coupe

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Ok, ok... I’ve put this off for WAY too long.  Intro... my name is Glen and I’m working on a really pristine 37 Opera Coupe with what I think has around 40k original miles on it. Trying to get it up to “Great Race” standards, I.e., looks good and still hauls ass and stops and turns good ENOUGH. Not really into car shows. Rather get it to where we (my wife and I) can do rallies and tour around and it NOT be too perfect to drive. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that we can all see things differently and project that in how we play with our toys. If everyone did the same things it would be a very crowded field. Anyway, bought this a year or so ago. Trying to make it reliable. Not such a purest that I’m afraid to upgrade things. Just don’t want to be drilling holes or cutting panels. I guess my beliefs are, you can either look at it in all its perfection, or you can drive it. You can’t do both and I’ve decided. Let someone else check for authentic bolts but “It ain’t gonna be me”. Cheers.

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