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ex-Carroll Shelby Airflow on BAT

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2 hours ago, Matt Harwood said:

Is that a factory power brake unit?

I thought all the boosted brake units from back then were under the floor.   Has an almost mix of new and old look to me.  The booster kind of looks like a newer unit to me but the master looks like it could be original style.   If it is all original has to be one of the earliest firewall mounted units. 

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Yes, not a factory power brake unit. Has radio head on the dash, but no speaker on the firewall from what I can see. Accessory clock mounted on the glove box. I.M.O. 1934 where the only real Airflow with the chrome art deco waterfall grille and the true Airflow look.  1935 grilles remind me of a 35 Ford with the painted black grille. Boring. After 1934 they cut back on style. 34 had the 3 tier tri-plane bumpers rather than the one piece slab. The hood ornament and wing ornaments on the fender skirts not as much fancy detail in 35. No stainless trim on the fender skirts as in 1934. The 3 hood vents on each side of the front quarter on each side in 34 much neater than the boring single strip vents of 35. 

I think this car is a very nice car. 1935 much better looking than the 36 or 37's when they added trunks with access from the outside & removed the spare on the back which is neat.

All the coupes from every year with the fast back styling are very nice and the best looking. It appears Chrysler stole the fastback styling from the 1933 Cadillac Fast Back Aero-Dynamic Coupe shown a year before at the Chicago Worlds Fair, Century of Progress 1933 with the same bumpers and fastback design that Chrysler copied. The thing that would have helped the Airflow if it only had front coil springs like some GM cars at the time. Much better handling and easier steering than the Airflow. Really would have made a difference. After all that. Still a nice car

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I've been watching this car for years.  The provenance is sketchy "the car is said to have been purchased by actor Steve McQueen in the 1970s, and after his passing it was acquired by the Imperial Palace Auto Collection of Las Vegas, Nevada at the Steve McQueen Estate Auction in 1984. Mr. Shelby purchased the car in 1998." 
From the Bonhams auction description: "The offered Airflow is a 1935 sedan that is believed to have been purchased by Carroll Shelby from the Steve McQueen Imperial Palace auction of 1984. Although there is no documentation to prove this at the current time, those once close to Carroll say that this is lot 557 from the McQueen auction catalog which pictures the car and describes it as restored and in excellent condition."
Those once close to Carroll...................?!
So buy it for what it is, not for what it is claimed to be. BTW, new correct cylinder heads are available.
Good Luck!

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I have to take anything from Carroll Shelby with a grain of salt. That guy would tell you the sky was green if he thought he make a buck by doing it.


I think that's strong money for an Airflow, but I also think they've been under-rated for too long. I've wanted one for many years and I think I may have to just buy one now, even though it's the wrong time, because like several other cars I've always wanted, it will move out of range eventually.

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