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34B oil pressure

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Just started my 23 34B which has been sitting for about 2 years. Prior to that was great runner.


Has zero oil pressure. Any ideas?  Oil pump go dry.  Pressure control stuck. Has plenty of oil.


Thanks for your help.



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The real problem exists lower in the pan. There is a check valve in the pickup tube. Unbolt the four fasteners holding the square housing on the side of the pan. Pull out the screen and pick up tube. Remove the screen and unscrew the tube. Inside there is a check valve steel ball. Most probably full of debris. Clean it up and make sure the ball seats properly using air pressure. If it does not take a hard wooden stick and reseat the ball to the aluminum housing with a couple of strikes. Retest with air or liquid while on the bench Call me if you still have problems. I know Marmons model 34. Vince Bakich Bakersfield Ca. (661) 979-9814

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Thanks. Car performed quite well on a 1500 mile trip. Then parked for two years. Once I primed the pump, it has continued to do perfectly.

Fun and dependable car. Recently obtained a pretty elaborate sales piece that had a factory price sheet inside. Surprised to see price at $5k.

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