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Wire wheels for late 1929 Packard 626

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I am considering the purchase of a 1929 Packard 626 Coupe. A friend suggested that the wheels on the car are incorrect and likely 19". As the photos show, the car was delivered on 7/3/229. The dismounted spare wheel/tire seems to show an 8 lug pattern that would be cover the lug bolts by a hub cap. The 4 wheels mounted on the car are identical and have the pictured hub cap . The tire size on all 5 wheels are 6.00 -20 as shown in the close up of one tire.

  1. Can anyone tell me if these type wheels available on this car originally?
  2. Are they 19" or 20"?
  3. Does anyone recognize the manufacturer of the wheel?
  4. The tire size confuses me if they are 19", is this even possible?

Thanks for any insight anyone can provide.





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I am leaning toward those wheels being 1931, given the larger hubcap.


I thought 31 was a 19" wheel though. 


Good news is that they should be trade-able.


For some reason the rim width and lock ring width looks a little more wide than 1931 - perhaps optical illusion caused by the tire or ...


The bad news is that 1929 wire wheels are not all that easy to find in decent condition, though the flip side of the coin is that a disk wheel is pretty easy to come by in very good condition.


All in all, I would say you have an over 5K plus problem on your hands (and then you have tires, tubes, and flaps on top of that).


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On 5/11/2020 at 3:51 PM, Renascence said:

32 x6.00 Disk wheels    Taken from data page in Packard a history of the motor car and company    1930  6.00 x 20 for 726  3 different wheel options    1931 had 19 inch wheels

That is the odd part - the hubs are 1931 (given the larger diameter hubcap) and the rims being 20" just do not go hand-in hand plus the lock rings and the rim width at the lock ring look commercial (aka heavier) that what a standard Packard would use. 

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On 5/11/2020 at 5:32 AM, jdtaylor65@hotmail.com said:

Thanks for the reply. Haven't had much luck sourcing the correct wires, yet.

Sort of a long term problem - I bet the best of parts searches has a year in searching and easily 10K invested when all said and done - except maybe they luck out and find a nice set of disks and hub covers. 

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