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Help Identify Please - Plymouth brake cable, Micro Test ring gear

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Decades ago I purchased a load of old parts from a Chevy garage that had been closed for a long time before that.  In organizing the basement this winter I came across these two items.  I have no use for them and will sell them but I don’t have any confirmation of what they fit.

1-     The brake cable box is marked “1939 Plymouth Brake Cable, $2.30”.  The price alone must mean it’s from the 40’s or so.  The overall length is 63” and the armored cable is about 42”.  Can anyone confirm that it fits a Plymouth and what years?

2 -  The ring gear is from a Micro Test Gear set # 74-8480 but I do not have the matching pinion gear.  The ring gear is stamped 74-7480 and 37-9 and measures about 8 3/8” in diameter.  Maybe someone has a Micro Test catalog and can look up the application for this part number?

Thanks for any help you can offer.







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