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40 special windshield install

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I have a friend available for that but I read somewhere that two different products are used. Glue-sealant between rubber/body and sealant between rubber and glass. Not sure what to use.

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Recently installed a pair of windshields in my 1939 convertible, yours would be similar but there are differences. Used 3M bedding compound, a 3/16" bead around the perimeter of the wind shield opening. This material never sets up like a true adhesive. Nothing between the rubber and the glass, it should seal, or OK to seal it later if it leaks.


The glass, both at the same time, goes into the opening from the inside. Install the glass in the rubber on the bench, see picture.  The convertible rubber comes in three pieces and may not be the same as yours. We installed the forward most center divider strip in the car and I made a temporary divider strip out of cedar. installed the glass and temp divider in the rubber - pix. Raised the outboard ends of the assembly to approximate the vee angle in the windshield and taped the temp divider in securely, tape only on the interior side, visible in the pic of personnel.


A suction cup on each windshield, and one person muscles the assembly into the opening from the inside. Piece of cake if you are young and strong which I am neither, hence the helpers. Added the second center divider strip over a generous application of bedding compound. Installed the interior trim, which holds the glass in place, then we all stood back and bragged about how easy that was.


If your windshield rubber has a flap that goes over the pinchweld, put a strong cord clear around the groove in the rubber before installing and use it to pull the flap over the pinchweld from the outside. It may not be imperative to have a helper here but it will sure make things easier and safer. Be sure to feed the ends of the cord through the opening before setting the glass.


Attached a few pictures which should help. Bob H

Windshshield in Rubber (Small).JPG

Windshield temp center divider detal (Small).JPG

Windshield and temp center divider (Small).JPG

Windshield install Brains and Brawn (Small).JPG

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If you are the Bob from Rainier Ore. I'll be ready to put this in by next monday or tuesday the 18 or 19th. Another guy will be here too. Come on over. I'm in Lacenter. Mine does go in as you describe except it does'nt have a flap to the outside.

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I just did this as well. My 41 40 series had a one piece gasket with rubber where that wood block goes in BobH’s picture. I did the install myself similar to described above. 3M bedding and glazing is a must. My window was a real tight fit around the body since I didn’t have a convertible. So tight I had to push pretty hard as it goes in from the inside. It leaked when I was done still. Required additional bedding and glazing around the SS trim where it met the body on the outside, even though I put the trim on with this in the Chanel. Pretty easy to touch up. Some mineral spirits took off all the excess I smeared on the car from trying to get the tip around the perimeter of the trim. 

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