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I want to verify I mix the exterior paint color correctly for my 1928 Buick Country Club Coupe, Standard 6.  It was originally a dark green with black fenders.  How can I verify this dark green

color code?

Thanks!  Rod Miles

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I do not believe that any color codes were applied to the tags at the time as these cars were available only in the colors specified as to model.

 From the Dave Chambers article about close color matches.

 The 1928-26S was specified to be in Valley Green. Obsolete # is 244-5205. The 1950s close match is a 1949 Studebaker Glacier Green. Ditzler # 40719    DuPont # 256-55327G  Of course these are obsolete numbers also. If you check with color chip services you may be able to see what the 1949 Studebaker Glacier Green looks like


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Have you tried removing the screws that hold the ID plate on the firewall under the hood to see if it holds the original color?  Most shops won't remove a plate, and it would be out of the sun and a correct color.   


Also see this thread as it has good thoughts on getting a color sample.



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