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info about Electra 1965 needed


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I am just about to buy a 1965 electra convertible which is fully equipped with a/c,cruise,power ventilation windows,power door locks and so on...

The owner told me that its a 425 in it, does anyone of you know how many 1965 Electra convertibles that were made with a 425???

Is it a visible difference between a 425 and a 401???

The car also have a chrome emblem that reads classic, above the 225 electra emblems on the rear fenders, anyone know what that is, i have not seen it on any other Electra before???



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To jannelu,

Yesterday, I sent you an email regarding the '65 Electra you are buying. If my email didn't come through, please let me know on this message board. If it did come through, please reply (to the email) when you get a chance. Thank you.

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