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1952 Special door panels

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Does anyone know if door and quarter panel cardboards are the same or close enough to work from the 1952 Chevrolet Bel Air coupe hardtop for the 1952 Buick Special Riviera 45R coupe hardtop. I see that National Chevy Parts carries them and the metal edges for a reasonable price. The bodies seem similar enough that they should interchange, maybe with a little tweaking here and there, possibly for the door and window handles. Anyone else tried this route? Also, the trunk cardboards?

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As far as I know most of the Chevrolet models in those years used the GM  “A” body whereas the Buick Specials were built using the GM “B” body.  They do look similar and it is possible that both bodies shared the door panels but only detailed measurements as suggested above by Gene Brink could help you resolve the issue.  


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