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'37 Headlamp Restoration help

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1937 Buick Special

So, my car has sealed beams installed and Im beginning to revert them back to original. Ive got lenses and bezels. Ive got a pair of reflectors I'm going to re-silver. And I've got a pile of salvage buckets that I can hopefully combine into a good pair. So I'd appreciate any good photos y'all have of how all this goes together. Ive never seen this setup in the headlamp housing and cant seem to find what I need on the internet. I need to know where gaskets go and what thickness (I can cut the gaskets). So whatever photos you have will help. And for some specific questions...

What holds the reflector on the prongs that protrude from the bucket? (Picture of prong)



And the long thin spring in the bucket... what shape is it supposed to be? I got one thats flat and one thats got a bend at the end.



Thanks again everyone.

James C

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Thanks Gary. Thats perfect. I'm missing some parts that I need help with still.

In this picture:




I see on each of the "prongs" that poke through the reflector, some sort of wire spring. Can anybody tell me what these or called or better yet does anyone have any?! I need four, but I could copy if I had one :)


And then in this picture...


You mention a retaining clip that I dont have either. Anyone got any pictures or any to spare?!?


Sorry to be a pain, even with Gary's awesome write-up! I'm a metalworker so if I could get at least one of each of these do-dads I could recreate them. This is turning into a major project.

Thanks again

James C

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I will take a picture of mine and post it later,  busy at the moment.

I will take pics at a couple of different angles and with a caliper showing measurements.

If you are going to make them,  use stainless steel or something that won't rust or corrode and stain the reflector. 

They could be made but it would be tedious work.


ps,  remember there is no ground wires so you have to make sure a good ground is carried through the whole car.  Someone suggested actually running a ground wire and it makes a big difference. 


Dave Tacheny has been very helpful and good to me.   

He might have some more to sell.

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This photo shows one of the clips on the left and a similar one I made by cutting apart and bending one side of a crimp on wire connector. The original one is slightly wider at the ends so the narrower middle part is secured a bit more firmly, but probably any small rigid item that will fit through the hole in the prong will work. The spring pressure holds the reflector with enough pressure that the clip should not fall out. 


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I got everything Dave Tacheny had, but Im still coming up short! So the clips slip in there sideways and when turned flat on the reflector are held in place by spring. Ok.

Anyone got any springs, good pictures or springs, willing to send me one to recreate some, or willing to draw up a good blueprint??



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Here are a couple of pics on quarter inch grid paper to help with size and dimensions.

Do you have the lens gasket rings.  They are kind of springy steel with cork glued on them to seal the headlight lens and fit in the inside edge of the reflector holder/adjuster,  just a friction fit holds them in until the lens is mounted onto the bucket assemby.   They aren't a complete circle,  they don't insert into the bottom flat portion of the holder,  only around the curved circumference.   I just used a quarter inch thick higher density foam rubber trimmed to fit.  The lens easily compresses it to form the seal.



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Thanks you very muck 1937McBuick. That is extremely helpful! I knew thered be a lens gasket but i didnt know it was sprung. Thatll be relatively easy tho. Well, since the Spring meet at Charlotte is canceled, I can take my time.

Thanks everyone.

James C

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