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Goodyear’s illuminated tires were never mass produced. (1961)

These tires look like they belong in Tron, and as cool as that sounds they never made it to mass production. The light up tires were invented in the early 1960s by Goodyear. They’re constructed out of Neothane, a synthetic polyurethane rubber that’s easier to produce than traditional tires. Aside from being easier to construct Goodyear said that the tires were more resistant than their rubber counterparts. 

Aside from being easier to produce the tires were also translucent, something Goodyear took advantage of by adding dye to the rubber. This addition of dye ended up producing a vibrant hue in the tire, and when hit with rims of light the tires literally glowed in the dark. Unfortunately, the light up tires just weren’t practical and Goodyear stuck with regular old tires. 


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My teen daughter is in Marching band and they are planning on having a season this year.... since you can’t wear a mask while blowing a horn.... the school found a solution. I wish this was a joke. 


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On 8/8/2020 at 7:27 PM, Jim Bollman said:


Probably didn't have a flag and wouldn't want to get a ticket for not having one for an overlength load.  Perfect solution,  but he owes his buddy a beer when he gets home.  I guess he'll have to drink it with his left hand though as the right is going to be pretty numb. 

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