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Just went through this buying two 6v batteries this week. I knew they only had one, but I played their game. Told him 50 Ford F1 and 49 Ford 8N tractor and he yells back we need two 6 volt batteries for an old truck and an old tractor.

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Looks like a good idea these days.


My barber is doing haircuts in his walk out basement by appointment now. He decided it was time to retire accept his regulars that were willing to come to his place and save the rent uptown. Best part was I got a tour of his buildings to see all his projects he has been telling me about over the years.


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Remember the Costa Concordia? It was a huge cruise ship which was intentionally brought too close to shore near Italy and it hit some rocks which caused it to take on water and list sharply. It caused the deaths of 32 people and it was a massive undertaking to get the ship righted and hauled to the scrapyard. I think the total loss was over a billion dollars. Here's a 17 minute video showing how they righted it with huge airbags. By the way, the captain left the ship while hundreds of people were still waiting to be rescued so they called him a coward and I believe he's still in an Italian prison....



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A teen in Minnesota was dying from cancer and his last wish was to be able to have his beloved Fiero restored so he could drive it one last time so a couple of dozen Fiero owners went up there from all over the US and worked for 24 hours straight and he got to drive it the next day. It was all coordinated by an Army sergeant stationed in either Iraq or Afghanistan through a Fiero website. Have a tissue ready at the end of this 6 minute video....



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