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I was out for a drive in the country and hit a little rabbit. I stopped, walked back and picked it up.

Another car pulled up and the driver asked if there was anything wrong.

"I just hit this little rabbit", I replied," and feel kinda bad about it".

"Bring it back to my car "he said.

There was a bottle laying on the front seat and the fellow gently poured some of the contents into the rabbit's mouth.

In no time at all, the rabbit came back to life !

He put the rabbit down on the road.

It hopped into the ditch and turned back and waved to us.

It entered a hay field and part way across it he stood up on his hind legs and waved again.

Finally just before it entered a woodlot, it stood up on a stump and waved a final time.

"That's incredible" I replied. "Are you a vet or---- what the heck was in that bottle "?

"No" he said. "I'm a barber, and that's hair restorer with a permanent wave".


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On 3/3/2021 at 9:54 PM, bdc said:

I had one of those call today. Sir what's the year and make of your vehicle? 

Me: you call me that my warranty is about to expire, so you tell me.

Her: just verifying 

Me: 1936 Packard

Her: you have a newer car?

Me: yes a 2087 Ford...

She hang up ūü§£



I did the same thing, except.. I have an '12 Ford,  "What model"  Model T.  "I don't show that",  Oh, a 1912 Ford.


"Do you have something newer?"  Yes, a '15 Buick. "What model?"  C-4.  "I don't show that" Oh, it is a 1915 Buick C-4 3/4 ton truck.


He hung up.   I will say that it slowed down the warranty calls.

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Your story of the Prius reminds me of one about the Yugo: The heated rear window was to allow you to keep your hands warm while pushing.


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I can't claim the story as my own, I "borrowed" it from Facebook.


Just like this one :)


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Two old truck drivers were looking for a job.  Bubba and Wayne Burgess see a want add and stop by to check it out.  The dispatcher asks if they have any experience.  Wayne says they sure do stating "Bubba and I drove for years together with no accidents".  


The dispatcher responds "that sounds great".


Before starting I must ask you a safety question:  "If you were driving down an extremely steep hill only to find out your breaks are failing plus there is a red light at the bottom with heavy cross traffic.  What do you guys do?"


Wayne says that's easy:  "I'd wake up Bubba."  The dispatcher says "What good would waking up Bubba do?"


Wayne responds:  "Bubba ain't never seen no bad wreck".  

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16 hours ago, auburnseeker said:

It's a Pinto or Gremlin.  I really need better photos of the front and back (of the pile) to be sure of the year and wether it's a special edition or not. ;) 

I imagine Keiser will chime in shortly. 

Vega, the bits of seam sealer looks right for a 1971.

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