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42 minutes ago, Fossil said:

I'm lazy, was the answer correct? 

Having gone through engineering in college prior to the advent of handheld calculators, my first cut was that it should be a little more than 9 x 10^2 x 8 x 10^2 = 72 x 10^4. So I knew the answer was in the ball park. And the last digit was correct by immediate inspection (7x5 ends in 5). But yes, if you multiply it out it seems correct. But I did it in my head, you may want to do it with pencil and paper or even a calculator. :)

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I looked at the math problem and saw it was close. My freshman year in engineering we had to use a slide rule so you learn to determine if you are close in your head as well as proper placement of the decimal. My second year, HP came out with a $600 "pocket" calculator that was too big to actually fit in your pocket. The HP could do trig problems, cosine and sq roots. Now my cell phone does more than that $600 HP.


I spent more time on the problem in the other photo. I tried to divide the hypotenuse of the triangle in my head and can't comprehend how many times 68 will go into 25. ????????????????

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44 minutes ago, padgett said:

HP-35. But you had to know reverse polish notation.

I still have my slightly newer late 1970s or maybe early 1980s HP Programer calculator that also used reverse polish notation. Neat little device as you could set the word size, 1s or 2s complement arithmetic mode, etc. so you could check your algorithm for proper handling of overflow conditions, etc. Very useful back in the days of assembly language coding on machines with different word sizes and storage so limited that you bit packed fields as tightly as you could.

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32 minutes ago, George Cole said:


For me it was my first set of brass era tires. All of my drug knowledge comes from Willie Nelson cameos in movies, so I don’t know how much of anything you can get for $3,000... but I assume it is a lot. 

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14 hours ago, Paul Dobbin said:

    A Staaged picture!   if the car had tried to move, the chick would be covered in mud,

   like the one in your next posr.

Apparently my mistake.  I thought the thread was titled 'Miscellaneous Humor and Interesting Videos.' not 'Actual Real Life Pictures.'

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On 12/17/2020 at 11:43 PM, edinmass said:


The difference is Ed,  our body has no problem rejecting bad food and has some pretty incredible filters between the blood stream and the digestive tract,  Now when you inject right into the blood stream and bypass those,  that's where it can get a bit dicey and a point of no return. 


For example

Tests say this new oil over here is the best on the planet but really no one has tried it yet.  Do you want to use it in your bosses Duessy or even Auburn?  

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On 12/18/2020 at 8:54 AM, auburnseeker said:

The question is are you going to let her get back in and ride home looking like that?  Better hose her down first. 


Hose can be too rough-

better to respect the original delicate finish with a proper, gentle, caring Hand-Wash and Dry



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