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Boudreaux and Thibodaux decided to go fishin' and hooked the boat trailer and marginally tied down Lafitte Skiff with a pair of Chevy 454s to the pickup, and figured they better check the trailer lights, something rarely done down here!

Thibodaux walked to the back of the rig while Boudreaux jumped into the cab of the rusty 36 year old, but great-running Chevy Crew-Cab Long-Bed Dually.

Boudreaux pulled the light stitch-

Thibodaux yelled "Dey Work!"

Boudreaux hit the brake pedal-

Thibodaux yelled "Dey Work!"

Boudreaux hit the Left Turn Signal-

Thibodaux yelled

"Dey Work - Dey Don't -

Dey Work - Dey Don't -

Dey Work - Dey Don't -

Dey Work - Dey Don't!"


So they gave up on the lights 'cause they needed to get goin' -


Just then, Boudreaux's niece, Miss Clotille, a State Trooper noticed them and advised them to be real careful on the road.

She had earlier been working her way around a huge traffic backlog on the interstate, and the front of the traffic she pulled over an almost new Ford Crossover,  cruising at a moderate 10 Miles Per Hour, driven by the 90+ year old Mother Superior of the local convent. Riding "shotgun" was a fragile and visibly shaking young Novice. When Miss Clotille asked what was wrong since she was driving so slowly, the Mother Superior pointed to the highway sign "I-10". Miss Clotille politely explained that it was the name of the road, and that the speed limit was 70 mph -

to which the shaking young Novice asked Miss Clotille-

"Where were you when we were still on old Highway 90?"

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2 hours ago, auburnseeker said:

I would like to know how they got that bucket in there,  My smaller grading bucket for my excavator weighs 375 lbs that's got to be another 50 to 100 pounds and not real flexible. 

Why do you think you cant see the rest of the car in the picture? 

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