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Factory 25 First Aid kit

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Folks, I have been meaning to post this for a while. I came across this in an antique store shortly before this lockdown hit us. It seems to be mostly complete, though it looks like a few things were added to it, perhaps by the seller to round it out.

 I did some searching but could not find out where Factory 25 was or is. By the logo, and that's its' a plastic box I'm thinking 70's/80's/90's vintage?

 Anyway, it is now in the '69 Electra as an accessory of sorts, where it will stay.

 Does anyone know more about this?




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Factory 25 was one of the buildings in the Flint Buick Complex.  I do not remember which one as that has been 40 years ago, but I think it was one of the assembly plants there.  The first aid kit was probably an employee handout for a long stretch of no safety incidents.  The plants used to do that from time to time. 


Brian Heil will be able to tell as he worked in Flint longer that I as I was getting moved by the General around the country.

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Factory, or sometimes called Division, 25 was  Buick’s Works Engineering department. They did all of the major architectural and facilities work throughout Buick. They were located in Building 85 at the northeast corner of Leith and Division. This phone book page shows the type of work they did. 

There was also a very insignificant “Building 25” that probably disappeared during the post WWII renovation program.


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