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Big str 8 issue to watch for

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Just thought Id post a photo in case someone might need info to assess 320" str 8,s. The location of typical block cracking from freezing damage isnt limited to locations where the temps get that cold, becuz they can be moved to places where it dosent freeze. See photo of block. As far as I know, cracking like this is not repairable, at least not reasonably. But at least you will know a "weak" area to check. It is very well hidden with other parts blocking view when still installed.20191023_131600.thumb.jpg.7cf1ce39a1bfb55668e4f6a2b5de6208.jpg

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Yeah if all ya had was time. The head bolts on that side have about 1/2 the thread depth conceivably the way the block deck is prolley cracked apart from the structure beneath it. Plus with 4-5 320s on stands in my pole building, its hard to justify doing anything but scrapping this one. Theres enuff to go wrong with used engines without tempting fate that hard! How many would want to buy that block with a repaired crack for their project? None I suspect. Gotta clear some stuff out so I can move forward on one of these too many projects I have.

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