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New to this forum, so thanks in advance for any help I may get. I have a 1940 Buick Special Business Coupe Mod 46. I am putting the pitman arm on tomorrow but realized when I took it off, there was not a washer under the lock washer and nut. Is there suppose to be?  I was also wondering if there is a torque setting you guys use.  I know torque settings are not in the manual, but how tight to make it as a rule of thumb. The manual refers to a reference mark on the sector shaft to determine center of travel.  I cannot find it.  I made a mark before taking the pitman arm off, and figure to put it back on in the same position. I sent the steering box out to Lares  Corp and when I got it back found that they marked the middle of the movement. Their mark will be facing the drivers side of the vehicle when the pitman arm is pointing toward the front.  The arm will be 45 degrees off from center. Should I turn the steering shaft until their mark faces the front of the vehicle and then put on the pitman arm?  Either way the pitman arm will be facing a quarter turn from center travel.  Thanks again, Tom


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I centered the pitman arm on the sector shaft, measured its distance of travel in both directions and then torqued it to 100 lbs.  My 1950 Buick shop manual made no mention of removing a washer when taking off the pitman arm, so I surmised there shouldn’t be one.  My torque wrench only goes to 100 lbs., and the manual said 100 to 110 lbs, so that choice was easy to make.  After equalizing the length of the tie rod end, the steering wheel is centered nicely.  Job is done, and it went well. 

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